LEARNER’S CASTLE AT HUDSON LANE IS THE FLAGSHIP OF LEARNER'S CASTLE EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY ( Registered) FRATERNITY. Since its birth in 2002 it has blossomed into a training arena for its achievers in its various fields and has helped and guided its scholars to a fulfillment of their life’s dreams. Our students who represent us in different formal schools speak volumes for its quality rich academic excellence.
In academics through its journey the school has achieved scholastic excellence.


Learner’s Castle School WANTS TO SPREAD EDUCATION TO ONE AND ALL.IT IS A SCHOOL WITH A DIFFERENCE. It is aptly said “school is a building that has four walls with tomorrow inside”.
School days are very crucial for kids because it is this moment when their aptitude, skills are moulded in the right direction as they are as soft as clay .This will be their foundation stone. This will influence their entire life and help them find their true inner self. We follow the simple method of known to unknown, simple to complex. Our curriculum methodology is based on child devlopment Learner’s Castle School. That will enable, energize, enhance n help ur ward grow not only in body but in mind and soul as well. There has to be a balance between the three.
Our journey through the years is an example of a ‘GREAT EDUCATIONAL ENDEAVOUR’


Our Mission:
We at Learner’s Castle School are moving forward in our Endeavour from play school to primary school, this has only become possible by the blessings of God and the kind wishes of our parents.
Learner’s Castle School  aims at inculcating and reinforcing valuable moral values and positive traits in our fairies and angels taught by a professional though caring and loving staff. The dedicated teachers are well qualified to discern the potentials and abilities of each child. They provide the right academic curriculum and methodology thereafter by giving individual attention. It has a well researched innovative pedagogy and a stimulating infra structure.

Our Aim:
HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT THROUGH TALENT FIESTAS IN A VARIETY OF FIELDS ranging from abacus, computers, taekwondo, dance, music, theatre, story telling, library, art craft, celebrations, weekly-monthly educational  fun trips and regular competitions.


Today’s child, tomorrow’s hope,
Today mild, tomorrow bold.

This motto well envisions the enlightened objective of Learner’s Castle School with a mission to build an institution that wants to understand the needs of the young growing mind by enhancing their potentials, bringing forth their creative abilities, widening their horizons n preparing them for their future.

If asked about our achievements, it would definitely be our learners.The ambience of Learner’s Castle has been organized keeping in mind the needs and requirements of young minds. A large number of well decorated classrooms, dedicated teachers focused towards constantly exposing children to varying environment. Hygienic and highly sanitized meals with comfort ensures high degree of safety of your young fairies & angels.

Learner’s Castle is committed towards empowering your child with the passion, creativity and drive for lifelong learning. All this is complemented by a team of highly dedicated and highly qualified teachers.

Qualifications possessed by our faculty include the following –
  • Trained Child Psychologists
  • Teacher Student Ratio 1 : 10

Exchange programs:
Starts from the very beginning …interaction with other schools. This helps them grow by interacting, role play, in the process learning more & more. They lose the fear of meeting people and grow to become bold, daring and working in the right direction.
Senior levels foreign exchange programmes help in learning about the cultures of different countries, meeting people of different lands. Live in their homes.

Future Highlights:

(Directorate of Education, Delhi State)

  • Proposed CBSE affiliation in future
  • Student Foreign Exchange Program aimed at international exposure of the students
  • The school has classes from Kindergarten to 10 and 4 sections in each class
  • Teacher to student ratio of 1:15
  • Professionally qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty devoted towards your child’s overall development


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