fun activities
Fun Filled Activities
Story Telling and Enacting
Your young ones listen to the theme stories that help them develop their imagination.
They also enact the different roles they hear. Thus, imbibing the roles in them by
means of teaching the life’s virtues like obeying parents, maintaining discipline etc.
Sing, Dance and Learn
Can there be a better way to learn about flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc than through songs and dance?
An apt game activity to easily make a child learn whatever we want to teach him/her.
Fun in the Sand
Learner Castle’s toddlers are given a pool of sand, spade and different hollow –shaped blocks, with which they create various figurines and structures.
This also helps in muscle development in children as well as improved the hand – eye coordination.
Through scribbling, your child has his / her first experience with drawing.
LEARNER’S CASTLE has large boards wherein your child can come and scribble anything. Scribbling gives them a sense of importance simultaneously helps develop their hand-eye coordination.
Role Plays
Children love to copy adults. A home – like atmosphere is created at Learner’s Castle and your young one
is exposed to:

Kitchen appliances, gardening kits, etc as well as safety while using them.
This learning activity helps your child widening the learning horizon.
Extra Curricular Activities  
Art And Craft
Puppet Shows
Magic Shows
Dedicated Dance & Music teachers
Story Telling

Ball Pool
Swimming Pool
Rain Dance
Abacus For KG Students

Outdoor Activities
Picnic –Twice a month
Stage Exposure Through – In –house as well as inter-school competitions.
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