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Learning Methology

Learner’s Castle was Envisioned and Established in 2001. Ms. Tarjeet Bhasin started her career in JKPS that has set the way for a sustaining career in Education. The vision of Learner’s Castle is to nurture every student to be a leader. Our motto is “Today is Child Tomorrow’s hope, Today mild, Tomorrow bold”.

Our school enlighteningly envisions a platform where Nature – i.e. a child’s potentials and abilities are explored and nurtured

Nature has to be supplemented with “Nurture” to build a child’s self confidence, an enquiring mind and become aware of the social world – (Home, School, the Social Arena outside)

Infusing in them a sense of curiosity to learn and help in building a holistic personality of the child.

This is done in L.C through a Dedicated and Value based instructional endeavor by our well trained staff and a very broad based Curriculum.

Starting off as a Play School, in 2009 it took a larger step towards establishing itself as a Primary School

  • Aims to develop the whole child.
  • Totally focused on your child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth & development.
  • Innovative thematic and skill-based curriculum.
  • Hands-on, exploratory learning experiences that make learning fun and enjoyable for the children.
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